About Us

The town of Fair Bluff was incorporated in 1873. It is located in Southeastern NC on the banks of the Historic Lumber River and one of the oldest towns in Columbus County. Fair Bluff’s early inhabitants were turpentiners, lumbermen, and merchants. The Fair Bluff Depot , built in 1887 was a popular stopping point for the railroad, and is now the Fair Bluff Depot Museum, filled with treasures and relics of life in Fair Bluff. 

The River Walk, the newest and most welcome attraction to Fair Bluff, was completed in 2010. The walk was completed in four stages over a period of four years. A beautiful elevated walkway, that follows the course of the Lumber River, it offers a stroll with mother nature. 

Natural Beauty , rich history, and a bright future is what Fair Bluff is all about. Small businesses to cater to your every need, churches, with a variety of religious faiths, schools, housing and business opportunities and many other services are here. Local police, fire and rescue, water and sewer, public works and a Visitor’s Center, all for you. With a dedicated Town Council, Mayor, City Manager and Concerned Citizens, along with several Progressive Civic Organizations, Fair Bluff is the perfect place to visit or even better to live.