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Fair Bluff, NC

Fair Bluff is more than your average Town. Whether you’re looking for something special or would like to experience with other travelers what they have found. Keep reading to learn more about our town and get in touch with any questions.


The first cabin was built in Fair Bluff in the mid 1700’s. In 1852 the railroad train pulled into town.

In 1872 the first Baptist church, located on Main street, overlooking the river. Like the rest of Columbus County, Fair Bluff was a big player in the tobacco market. Warehouses still stand along the railroad tracks.

Today, the town is still alive after major flooding from hurricane Mathew in 2016 and looking to the future.

River Walk

This is just a sample of what the beautiful Lumber River looks like on the Fair Bluff River Walk.

This is a 360VR walk through of the first part of the walk. You can navigate using the controls at the bottom of the screen.

If you really want to see this really great on your cell phone, click on this link
360VR RiverWalk Tour

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Fair Bluff, NC 28439

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